Ingram Micro – Sign Up Process

What is Ingram Micro and what do they do?

In short, Ingram Micro is one of the largest distributors of information technology for the US. Basically they are the middle man between original manufacturers and the customer and help manufacturers distribute their products to the resellers who can actually sell it to you.

Channel sales is a lucrative avenue for products to get out in the world and it is more common than you think. Basically it works like this: Manufacturer > Distributor > Authorized Reseller > Customer. Ingram Micro is the Distributor section of this chain of sales. Each chain link of the above chain takes a percentage of the total sale.

In order to become an authorized reseller for a manufacturer, you almost always need to have an account with a legitimate distributor.

In this post we are going to walk through the sign up process of Ingram Micro. There are 3 key things you need before you can sign up with them:

  1. Business Entity
    • The business entity is a legal entity that your company is formed as. It can be an LLC or another type of corporate structure.
  2. EIN Number
    • The EIN Number is your official business number and helps identify the entity. It’s basically a social security number for businesses.
  3. State Tax Number
    • State Tax number is on the state level and it is a state issued tax number that allows you to do business in that particular state. It basically confirms with the state that you will account for the right taxes for doing business in that state.

Step 1

Go to and select the Become an Ingram Micro Reseller.

Step 2

Select the location where you will be doing business. In our case we will be doing the United States.

Step 3

This is where you need to put in all the entity information for your particular entity. You’ll have need to done this ahead of time.

This is where you enter your EIN Number in the Federal Tax ID#.

Step 4

Set the primary contact information. You will be getting reached out to by the Ingram Micro team to help you set up this account so make sure it is the correct person who should be dealing with them.

Step 5

Put in your business address. This is where they will send all the invoices and documentation so make sure it is an address where you have an actual storefront or a home address that someone will be able to look at the mail.

Continue entering information about the business entity you will be doing business as.

Step 6

This is where you need to put in your State Tax Numbers for the various states you will be doing business in. This will be required in order to move forward in the application so you will definitely need to have this handy as you are signing up. Click on the “Click Here to Add Tax Information” button which will take you to this page where you enter in your information:

Step 7

This is where you’ll need to enter more information about the owners of your entity so they know who to reach out to. Remember that this is going to be a lasting business relationship so they want to make sure they are tight with the right people.

Step 8

This is the questionnaire where they understand a little bit more about your business and the selling motion. Just fill it out as best you can.

Step 9

Review the information that you put into the system. You just did all this so just make sure that there are no errors.

Step 10

Sign that Docusign and you are good to go! Your application has been submitted and you should expect someone to be reaching out to you within about 24 hours.

Once you are officially approved it will be time to get clearance with Ingram on what products you’d like to sell!