Apply for EIN

Apply for EIN

Get your EIN number in 5 minutes with these easy steps!

An EIN is an important part of any business – it is basically the Social Security number for your entity. When you apply for an EIN and get one, it allows you to open bank accounts, have credit, and be able to do business with other businesses. We are going to show you in a few easy steps and under 5 minutes how you can go ahead and allow you to apply for EIN. Link is below to take you to the right IRS page to do this.

If you are going to go ahead and open an entity or business for the purpose of becoming an authorized reseller, then you are definitely going to need an EIN number. In some following posts we will show you why and how you can sign up with certain distributors but will need an EIN to do so. Once you do that you will be able to apply to become a reseller on Auresma.

Before you apply for an EIN, you will need to go ahead and create and entity with the state you would like. After that all this will be possible.

For now, let’s go through the steps of applying for an EIN. (with screenshots so you can see ahead of time the whole workflow!)

Step 1

Go to the website where the following steps are:

Here is the first page of the above link to apply for the EIN. Select “Begin Applicaton”

Step 2

Select what type of business you are opening. Most folks who are starting small authorized reseller businesses and LLC should be fine, but please consult a lawyer as we are not experts in this field.

Select “Continue”

Step 3

It gives you a description in the next page of what exactly your entity is and how it works. It also gives you some helpful links that can take you to more information should you need it.

Click “Continue”

Step 4

Select how many members your LLC is going to initially have and select the state that your business is located in. This should be pretty self explanatory.

Select “Continue”

Step 5

Select your reason for why the entity is requesting an EIN. Pretty easy selections here.

Make your selection and click “Continue”

Step 6

Enter your contact data. You will need to put in your SSN/ITIN as it is required for this. In the case above this is for a single member LLC.

Click “Continue”

Step 7

Enter the address of the location of your business as well as the telephone number for it.

Click “Continue”

Step 8

Enter some more information about your entity.

Click “Continue”

Step 9

Select some more different information about your entity. In most cases for our resellers you will just select no for everything unless you plan to do some extra selling of different types of gear.

Click “Continue”

Step 10

For this you’ll just select what type of business you are in. For most of our resellers this will probably retail or distribution.

Click “Continue”

Step 11

For those of you who select retail, you will need to select some more information for your business.

Click “Continue”

Step 12

Select “Receive letter online” as you will get your EIN number instantly and have the document asap.

Select “Continue”

Step 13

In this step it will list out all the entity information below and the summary of all the information you entered so you can make sure it is correct.

Select “Continue”

Step 14

BOOM! That is it, you now have an EIN assigned to your entity. Above the screenshot it will tell you what your EIN number is. See to Apply for EIN isn’t so hard?

Select “Continue”

Step 15

In this section it will tell you all the great things you can do with your new shiny EIN number. Get this stuff done so you sign up with a distributor like Ingram Micro and can start operating your own business!

Again, here is the link to go through all the step:

Become an Auresma reseller here: