About Us

We're passionate about getting our customers certified products from authorized resellers.

Auresma is the Authorized Reseller Marketplace for Company Software. We make it easy to purchase official software licenses from verified resellers. Simple and Trustworthy.

Who we are

We host an online marketplace for authorized resellers to sell official equipment to all kinds of businesses. We verify that all resellers are up on their authorizations with each of the brands they area associated with. We make sure that you have the best online experience shopping for the equipment you need.

Our Vision

We are built around trust. Continue to be the leading online marketplace for Authorized Resellers. You can trust that our marketplace will get you great prices from sellers you can trust.

History of Auresma

Auresma is short for (Au)thorized (Res)eller (Ma)rketplace. It was born from witnessing the challenge that companies had with purchasing IT gear online which turned out to be gray market. We felt our customers pain and decided to found a trusting location where that would be an issue of the past.

Who We Help


This marketplace is designed for you. There is inherent risk purchasing branded gear online and we want to take some of that risk out. By purchasing through Auresma you know you are purchasing OEM gear from Authorized Resellers.

Partners & Resellers

Business is hard. We know that finding new customers, keeping customers happy, and selling online is no easy task. With Auresma you can do all of these things with minimal time investment. We make it fast and easy to sell the brands and get new customers through our intuitive platform.


Managing your brand online and making sure that resellers adhere to your pricing guidelines is a full time job. By verifying your resellers and partners and keeping all products on brand and up to date, you can be assured that everything is compliant. We make it easier for your product to find the hands of those who need it the most.


Differentiating yourself in the industry is no easy task. Through our platform we help you find resellers that will fit well into how you do business. We partner with you to make sure that all your partners are performing the best they can through online sales.